“Well hello there”

Well hello there,  my name is Adrian Black and I am a retro computer hobbyist.  I tinker and fix old computers on my YouTube channel.  You’re probably here because you watch my videos, but if not, this is my channel: https://www.youtube.com/AdriansDigitalBasement

This site is a place for me to share links to the tools and products I use (they aren’t sponsored links) and each of these are my personal choice or simply what I have and use here in the basement.   I have also included a link to my GitHub repository where I will occasionally share useful code as well as a link to my upload section on archive.org.

I am still amazed at the generosity of my viewers and their donations and  I have dedicated a second channel (Adrian’s Digital Basement ][ ) to unboxing packages received in the basement.    

If you have a donation for the channel please visit the about section on my Youtube channel or click the CONTACT section of this website.  If you would like to sponsor me on Patreon or purchase merchandise, please use the menu options above.   

As always, stay healthy, stay safe and feel free to sign my guest book to let everyone know you were here.  

Excerpts from My Guestbook:
  • Paul Steinbach September 19, 2023
    Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying the videos on the illegal Apple clone - I have one of those! Mine even has the same shortcut hotkeys for AppleSoft commands....
  • Gerry Corcoran September 15, 2023
    Just wanted to say I love your videos and they've served as real inspiration for me to learn more about restoring old electronics. Didn't get the chance to say hi...
  • Derek Mazer September 4, 2023
    Just wanted to reach out and share how much I enjoy your videos.
  • Larry McKee July 28, 2023
    Just wanted to thank you for all the videos! I am a Commodore fan that grew up on the C64. Your videos covering Commodore systems have been extremely helpful in...
  • Leonard Averyt July 15, 2023
    My wife thinks that we are doppelgangers, lol I have been in electronics and Home Computers. Started with Radio Shack Model 1 with the expansion unit. Then worked with Apple...
  • John R Wilbur July 10, 2023
    Hi Adrian, I saw your video on the Sup R Terminal 80 column card that I designed and patented the VBC video control to keep people from copying it for...
  • Damon Lehr July 1, 2023
    Hi and Good Day to you Mr. Black. Really enjoying your channels on YouTube a lot! I'm a TRS-80 fan and collector and its very nice and fun to see...
  • Stephen Hinkle July 1, 2023
    I really like your videos. You have a passion for retro computers and older hardware. Neat to find out how things work. P.S. I also read a rumor somewhere that...
  • Eric Balch June 26, 2023
    Adrian, I was just watching "Retrobrighting worked well ... until it didn't (Atari ST 520)" -- first off, loved the video and content. I was LOLing though because I was...
  • james davis June 26, 2023
    i love watching your show im 63 years old just getting in to old computers any advise
  • Andy Johnson June 24, 2023
    Greetings from right around the corner in Portland, Oregon. I have been a fan for any years - since you posted a tear down of an LED bulb from a...
  • Josh June 23, 2023
    Love the videos, especially Commodore repairs. I've learned so much about what makes a computer run, when I had absolutely no clue about the electronic side of things. Very interesting...
  • Frank March 7, 2023
    Es macht immer wieder Spass die Videos anzusehen. Vor allem wenn er sich mit Amigas befasst, kommt bei mir Freude auf. Die "selbstheilenden Amigas" zeigen, dass auch ein Profi sprachlos...
  • Jon Wingett February 28, 2023
    I am a longtime viewer and love your content. Thank you so much for sharing your passion.
  • Jared February 26, 2023
    You rock! Keep up the awesome work.

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