“Well hello there”

Well hello there,  my name is Adrian Black and I am a retro computer hobbyist.  I tinker and fix old computers on my YouTube channel.  You’re probably here because you watch my videos, but if not, this is my channel: https://www.youtube.com/AdriansDigitalBasement

This site is a place for me to share links to the tools and products I use (they aren’t sponsored links) and each of these are my personal choice or simply what I have and use here in the basement.   I have also included a link to my GitHub repository where I will occasionally share useful code as well as a link to my upload section on archive.org.

I am still amazed at the generosity of my viewers and their donations and  I have dedicated a second channel (Adrian’s Digital Basement ][ ) to unboxing packages received in the basement.    

If you have a donation for the channel please visit the about section on my Youtube channel or click the CONTACT section of this website.  If you would like to sponsor me on Patreon or purchase merchandise, please use the menu options above.   

As always, stay healthy, stay safe and feel free to sign my guest book to let everyone know you were here.  

Excerpts from My Guestbook:
  • Thomas Leibold June 3, 2024
    Your video about the PLEXUS P/20 showed up last night as "recommended for you". I don't know how much Google/Youtube knows about me or whether it was coincidence but this...
  • TronNerd82 June 2, 2024
    Hey Adrian, love your channel. Hope you get the Plexus machine working. Your videos are always fun and relaxing to watch, with good vibes all the time. Hope everyone reading...
  • Henrik Högberg (Henry Highmountain) June 2, 2024
    Hi Adrian! Thank you so much! I love your content. Keep up the good work!
  • Torben Wadlinger May 22, 2024
    Hi Adrian, thanks for your work and your dedication. I learned so much. Because of your videos I decided to bring my Commodore PC10-III back to life. Needles to say...
  • Aldo April 29, 2024
    Hi Adrian. I love your channel. You are such a pleasant person to watch. And I just love watching you tinker with old stuff. I live vicariously through people like...
  • Cali Miller April 25, 2024
    Hey Adrian, I love watching your videos, and I feel like I learn a lot from each episode. I love how you get excited when you finally solve the mystery...
  • Wenlock April 19, 2024
    Hi Adrian, Been watching your videos for a long time now and enjoyed all the retro computer items. I used to be a Coco user back in the 80s, had...
  • Dustin April 1, 2024
    Hi Adrian! I learned about your work and channel whilst looking for Macintosh Plus failures and their repairs. I am thoroughly enjoying your banter and knowledge, your videos are very...
  • Jonas Walther March 22, 2024
    I love your videos, good job!
  • Charles Cross March 21, 2024
    I really have enjoyed your channels. The amount of time you spend on each project is amazing and your approach to your projects and the humor and basically the general...
  • Paul Wilkinson March 14, 2024
    Hello from the UK Yorkshire, enjoy watching your work and seeing you grind your teeth at some of the challenges that drift over your desk, keep up the good work...
  • Damian Samoraj March 13, 2024
    I love your videos, good job
  • Jeff Robbins March 10, 2024
    You're the best. Keep up the good work.
  • Anthony Jones February 28, 2024
    My autistic son, Colt loves watching your content along with 8 Bit Guy. Needless to say I watch with him and love what you do.
  • Aidan Norton February 11, 2024
    Hi Adrian, Just recently found you on YouTube and have spent the past few weeks catching up with your back catalogue. What an amazing thing to be doing, saving parts...

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